Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Updated architecture of the application

Hello, finished smart banner system. If you have more banners, send them to my mail saddhup@ ...

Updated application architecture, need logins from the developer server to update it there also.
I will keep the dev server up to date.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Personal sites for Independent Escorts

The idea of hosting sites for independents is really good and will bring benefits in many ways, not only from direct profit. Girls will speak about their site, will bring new members to EG.tv and they will probably ask their satisfied customers to write a review on our site.

Lets see how this can be made and with what options included:

1) Home - the main page, with one big picture of the escort and some few words from her to her clients, or whatever she wants

2) Gallery* - Her pictures

3) Tarifs(?) - I see this page is quite common used but Martin was saying something about not printing tarifs on site, so we should think about this page if to include it or not

4) Services - What services she offers, what languages she speak etc.

5) Contact - her contacts (phone, yahoo ID, email etc)

6) Links - Link to other sites

* --- We must have two limits here: First the limit of the maximum size of a picture and secondthe maximum number of pictures OR maximum size of uploaded pictures (total amount of disk spacethat her pictures ocupy).


Escort will be able to administrate her own site, of course.She will have an control with an address like this: MyNiceSite.escortguide.tv/adminFrom here, she will be able to:
- Update Gallery (upload pic, detele pic)
- Modify her contact info- see site statistics: unique visitors, disk space used and available, etc.

Note: I do not know how the one who will make the site(S) will make this but it would be wiseto let her control her site as much as possible, giving her the possibility to administer her links, tarifs and services as well.


We will not make a site for each independent escort from zero right? :) So the sites will lookidentical excepting the inside (texts - not buttons, pictures, services, tarifs etc).This way , sites can be simply generated not programmed one after another. It is true that if we have a good graphician we could make distinct titles and buttonsfor each site which would be best.
Important: we must offer them some tools for their business like:
- calendar + agenda (appointment agenda that will let them organise their clients)

We must offer some unique advantages that ordinary hosts cannot offer to them.
- Exposure & more clients
I think we should make a Catalog with hosted escorts on our main site. From there, all our members will be able to visit their site directly even if he didnt knew that escort before, this way escorts will get more potential clients.
- Interactivity
From the Admin panel of the escort site, the escort will be able to chat with our site's members. I think at something like this: In the administration panel, the escort will be able to appear as "Online for site's members" if she wants to be known or if she is bored or anything, anyway its in our advantage. On the other hand, members logged into the site, will see the escorts that are online and they will be able to talk with them (Only VIP members of course)
- Trust
Something like Link It Feature :D Escort will be able to show her reviews from EG.tv on her mainpage of the site, or into particular section of her site called "My reviews". Here new comers will see her reviews written on EG.tv and they will gain trust in her and lust to meet her:)

We must first finalize this job, make a site sample then send a newsletter to all our independet escortsinforming about our offer (including all these advantages and more). By the way, while browsing the sitei noticed that many independent escorts even if they have a link to a site, that site does not exist so I think it will be a successful offer.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I agree - let's recover from this week's loss

I will handle the following:
- make members able to edit models details
- clean up the database (several thing need to be done here) - I need the translation from Paolino, I can't delete rows from the table without sending emails first. We could gain around 300 members in an instant.
- rotating banner script;

The server admin must install the IP locator packages.

Lek - I don't know his status, I'm havin difficulties in communicating with him. I already suggested that you let him loose with the idea to enlarge the photos, they are just perfect as they are right now - besides that, think that there are 500 pics right now with the normal size, and they belong probably to the most faithful clientelle - they would be offended to see that they were exactly the stupid ones who hurried to answer your new feature and get the small pictures. If lek is free, let him document about the integration with sms. Remember to check the sms gateway's comissions, because usually they are ENORMOUS, around 50%.

Paolino - please try to translate the lower half of the french file, the site is still not fully internationalised because of this.

I am not in the position to give tasks, but technically speaking I have the broader view of the project.

Regards all

Monday, June 12, 2006

Things must be done faster!

FRED - please take time and answer the emails that comes into webmaster mailbox. It is very important to answer back ASAP so our members can see that we are a dynamic team.

ALFREDO - Nobody told you to wake up early in the morning and start working immediately. Please try to be more efficient. WE NEED EFFICIENCY since our member list is growing fast day by day. Answer all the technical related emails that comes in webmaster mailbox.

GUYS!! We need to fasten up our reactivity in order to improve our baby!!!

Martin aka Stephane

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Dear friends, We decided to change from the 500th revews to a lottery and we are left with no news and actually, on the site, we are still with the old story which has not been actualized...Very bad for the image to say about something and stay in the air :(
Can we react urgently and do something? we are now losing credibitlity from this situation :(
What about the text I did on request to send to all the guys?


Creating a NEW FEATURE by implementing a system to categorize the 10 TOP AGENCIES as well as the 50 TOP ESCORTS which will all be rated according to:
1. For AGENCIES, the cumulative of the ratings of their escorts and calculated accordingly and we can also show the others agencies lined up till the end.
2. For ESCORTS, the same logic will apply

Friday, June 09, 2006

People, i'm leaving for a day or two, here is the status:

In terms of coding, Website is fully internationalised and integrated with the picture gallery. The members are not defaulted to VIP, they must be given the VIP flag in order to actually see the pictures on the escort details page. You can set the flag from the admin module to some members or mass setting it by PhpMyAdmin (ask lek to do this if you plan to give access to everybody tonight, i was thinking it would've been smarter to only allow a couple for testing.).

Pending things:

For the French version to work beautifully, P must edit the lower half of the /languages/fr/lang.inc.php file, which is still english.

The admin module is the one dwl 3 days ago, and it has the new functionalities for handling pictures added by lek. If Alfredo has something new to the admin, he must first correlate his updated version with the features added by Lek.

Cleanup has been performed on the members table, almost done, soon the other tables will follow. I plan to unify the currently entered cities and coutries, put them in one piece (because there are 10 ways in which paris is written) and then only allow fixed drop downs to select cities.

I'm available on phone, i also talked to lek to keep an eye on the new version until it stabilises.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Started the picture module

I started coordinating the gallery operation.

Soon after I'm planning to do a very important step, creating templates, to separate the code from design. I will do this myself. It's highly reccommended not to proceed into adding the more difficult modules until this is done. We need the code to be modular and easy to maintain.

With the gallery, think of a max number of pictures per account and a set of instructions about how the pics should be in 2 languages, to be displayed on top of the upload page.