Friday, June 16, 2006

I agree - let's recover from this week's loss

I will handle the following:
- make members able to edit models details
- clean up the database (several thing need to be done here) - I need the translation from Paolino, I can't delete rows from the table without sending emails first. We could gain around 300 members in an instant.
- rotating banner script;

The server admin must install the IP locator packages.

Lek - I don't know his status, I'm havin difficulties in communicating with him. I already suggested that you let him loose with the idea to enlarge the photos, they are just perfect as they are right now - besides that, think that there are 500 pics right now with the normal size, and they belong probably to the most faithful clientelle - they would be offended to see that they were exactly the stupid ones who hurried to answer your new feature and get the small pictures. If lek is free, let him document about the integration with sms. Remember to check the sms gateway's comissions, because usually they are ENORMOUS, around 50%.

Paolino - please try to translate the lower half of the french file, the site is still not fully internationalised because of this.

I am not in the position to give tasks, but technically speaking I have the broader view of the project.

Regards all


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