Friday, June 09, 2006

People, i'm leaving for a day or two, here is the status:

In terms of coding, Website is fully internationalised and integrated with the picture gallery. The members are not defaulted to VIP, they must be given the VIP flag in order to actually see the pictures on the escort details page. You can set the flag from the admin module to some members or mass setting it by PhpMyAdmin (ask lek to do this if you plan to give access to everybody tonight, i was thinking it would've been smarter to only allow a couple for testing.).

Pending things:

For the French version to work beautifully, P must edit the lower half of the /languages/fr/ file, which is still english.

The admin module is the one dwl 3 days ago, and it has the new functionalities for handling pictures added by lek. If Alfredo has something new to the admin, he must first correlate his updated version with the features added by Lek.

Cleanup has been performed on the members table, almost done, soon the other tables will follow. I plan to unify the currently entered cities and coutries, put them in one piece (because there are 10 ways in which paris is written) and then only allow fixed drop downs to select cities.

I'm available on phone, i also talked to lek to keep an eye on the new version until it stabilises.



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